Cuddle Snake Ring

A unique and extremely comfortable ring you'll never want to take off.The sense of flow and fluidity is the overarching theme in this design. From how the diamonds stream seamlessly into one another, to how the gold mimics the shape of them together. The cuddled bezels on each diamond allow the presence of the gold to be felt throughout. 

- 18k yellow, round diamonds (0.65 tcw) and pear shape diamond (0.30 ct) diamonds (0.60 tcw)
- Style

The story behind One of One: 
Over the past year, we chose to be inspired by interesting and unique shapes of stones. After reviewing over 200 unique shapes we narrowed it down to the ones that caught our attention the most. With a lot of brainstorming and design hours, we let the shapes inspire the designs. By valuing the stones and their cuts the One of One collection was born. 

  • $6,195.00