some days the office runs like a well-oiled machine
other days it's a circus
every day i wear phillips house

Some days I find inspiration everywhere Other days I back my car into a pole Every day I wear Phillips House

Inspired by her love for architecture, functionality and design, Lisa Phillips Frankel began designing from a young age. Out of her husband’s dental office, Lisa began creating custom pieces for close friends and social and charitable organizations. As word quickly spread, what began as a childhood passion exploded into a thriving business.

Some days my kids have an organic homemade lunch
Other days I put my underwear on inside out
Every day I wear Phillips House

Danielle Frankel Nemiroff was born with a natural penchant for the arts, dancing in a prestigious ballet group and spending her idle time studying the world of fashion. Danielle is the mother of two children, which has led her uncanny eye for fashion to be intertwined with her desire to create jewelry that can be worn and enjoyed every day.