One of a Kind Gifts

  1. Initial Necklace
  1. Pear Diamond Mini Crescent Necklace
  1. Single Wrap Tip to Tail Ring
  1. Pear Diamond Crescent Necklace
  1. Emerald Cut Cuddle Necklace
  1. Pear Diamond Crescent Fan Earrings
  1. Emerald Cut Cuddle Studs
  1. Oval Cuddle Mini Hoops
  1. Pear Layered Signet E-W Pinky Ring
  1. Pear Layered East-West Necklace
  1. Pear Layered Drop Necklace
  1. Mini Cuddle Crescent Necklace
  1. Pear Layered Wrap Ring
  1. Pear Diamond Drop Necklace
  1. Cuddle Crescent Ring
  1. Two Tone Cuddle Crescent Ring
  1. Round & Pear Knife Edge Drop Earring
  1. Layered Pear Studs
  1. Five Pear Diamond Necklace
  1. Triple Pear Necklace
  1. Cuddle Crescent Necklace
  1. Triple Heart Necklace
  1. Round Diamond Five Station Necklace
  1. Angled Pear Drop Sapphire Earrings
  1. Diamond Marquise Tennis Bracelet
  1. Inside Out Oval Hoop Earrings
  1. 4ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
  1. Triple Wrap Tip to Tail Ring
  1. Double Headed Pear Wrap Ring
  1. Layered Pear Love Always Bracelet
  1. Double Pear & Round Diamonds Love Always Bracelet
  1. Pear Shape Star Necklace