Round & Pear Knife Edge Drop Earring

A brilliant round diamond sets the tone at the top of these earrings, followed by a line of knife-edge finished 18k gold with a pear-shape diamond gracefully cascading at the bottom, exuding timeless charm. Held securely by three platinum prongs, each diamond glistens with every movement, reflecting light in a mesmerizing display. Comfortable and bold, these earrings are designed for both everyday wear and special events.

- 18k Yellow Gold and Platinum
- 2 GIA Certified Colorless (D-F) Pear Diamonds (0.6cts)
- 2 GIA Certified Colorless (D-F) Round Diamonds (0.6cts) 
- Style E0028DPTY
- Approximately 1.5"

  • $6,495.00